15 August 2010

Start Now

I want to make real, lasting, impactful change in other's lives. I want to be able to combine my gifts, talents, knowledge, and personality into artwork. I want to be able to live in my strengths in every aspect of life.

I don't want to lose that dream.

Preventative Step 1:

My husband and I were dreaming about my ideal job on the way home from a southerly county last night. With some prodding (he's gifted in conversing), I began to explain my ideal 'job' (which wouldn't really feel like a job anymore then would it?!) ...

A proactive, working-alongside-you consultant to stressed leaders of children. Teachers. I want to be able to walk into their classroom, ask questions, dig into our one-to-one relationship, find out what is working and what is not, explore their passions and struggles in their classroom, offer influence and resources in my own strengths and experience, build something new together for their teaching experience, teach alongside them, tweak and replace, and ultimately - have fun again!

As I was loquaciously spilling the proverbial beans, I felt the energy inside again. You know what I'm talking about don't you?! It's the very same energy I had when I was creating a K-12 gifted program from scratch as a first year teacher. The energy I feel when I sit with my small group leader friends and create change where there was deadness. The energy I sense when, after listening intently and asking key questions, I share the clear path I see towards success for my best friend both personally and professionally.

"So what's the next step?", I sincerely ask my wonderful husband, who's been listening as well as he converses.

"Start now," he says.

All I could see were green flags everywhere.