19 September 2014

Miriam Elayne! (www.miriamelayne.com)

Friends, Family -

I'm blogging more regularly over at www.miriamelayne.com now that our little one is here!
Check it out and feel free to subscribe :)

Here's a recent pic of our sweet girl, but there are MANY more at the new site!

19 March 2014

Say Something

Have you ever struggled with 'why'?
Do you find yourself questioning God in the midst of your heartache?
Have you ever experienced something so heart-wrenching, you could hardly breathe?
And then you re-experience that something?

This past weekend marked the one-year anniversary of finding out we would lose our first pregnancy to miscarriage. Words don't express the depth of emotions there were one year ago, or a few days ago.

Still, I have found that Joy permeates. It is ever-quenching, forming my soul. It occurs, no matter my state, rather in my choosing to be aware that it is there. It is when I say something - acknowledge my truth - that healing (re)begins.