13 July 2011

It's a Cupcake World

I can't begin to guess how the cosmos lines up to makes these things happen but ... I baked cupcakes two months in a row. I know. Totally weird, given my non-cake thing. But, once again, we've found a beauty in these babies: Root Beer Float Cupcakes for my sister's (shortcakessweettooth.blogspot.com) June theme.

Recipe: http://www.howsweeteats.com/2011/04/hot-fudge-root-beer-float-cupcakes/

These cupcakes were extremely simple to make. Simple batter. Simple frosting.

Simply, go for it!

A couple things I learned/would change:

1) More root beer flavoring! These 'cakes weren't nearly as strong on the root beer flavor as I thought they would be, given the amount of extract I put in. My official note to self was: look for STRONGER extract for next time.

2) Make is super-easy on yourself and eliminate the separation of frostings; just make it all root beer flavored! Of all my taste-testers, it was unanimous that this change would be make the 'cakes even better :)

Perfect for hot summer days when you'd rather be eating than running outside in 147% humidity! Enjoy to the hilt :)