22 July 2010

200 Miles

Life is training. Training is life.

This is not a new moniker. But I have new perspective about it today.

I just finished an astonishing book called, "Ultra Marathon Man" by Dean Karnazes. To say that he fully tests human frailty and limits would be minimal. This is a man who has run over 200 miles in one setting. He has run a marathon in Antarctica, to the South Pole. (Think about that for a minute!) He has run from the lowest point in the U.S. (Death Valley) to the highest point (Mt. Whitney) as a 135-mile footrace - see http://www.badwater.com/ - in temps in excess of 130 degrees.

This is extreme. This is a fire burning so deeply inside, nothing can stifle it.

This story is his strongest life. And it is incredibly inspiring to me to know that others hunger for a passionate life like I do. That undeniable inner "push and prod" that I just can't deny - it's my personal fire. Do I have the desire to run 200 miles in one setting? Let's just say, my 200 miles will have a look of it's own. Maybe it's in running. Maybe it's not. This I know: my strongest life will be passionately and purposefully discovering just what my 200 miles is.

And then acting on it.