08 July 2010

10 days ...

I don't think I realized it would take 10 days to be fully here. We are moved and settled, finally. It was long and hard and good and fun, all at once. And now there is peace.

I am peaceful knowing we have space with which to serve others and build relationships. I am peaceful knowing our children have room to grow together and in solitude. I am peaceful knowing my husband and I have our first home together. It is not ideal. But it is ours. And we have dreams to fulfill that will begin in this space. That is hope.

Today I read in Hosea, Psalms, and the book of Hebrew. The theme I saw was "Solid Food to Move Forward". I believe that my discipline to pursue friendship with God is the solid food I need in order to realize the dreams He gives me. That very same solid food gave me strength to get through a tough 10 days of transition. And my strongest life? It would be nothing without clarity of mind, heart, and spirit.

To solid food!