08 November 2010

FFF, Brownies! Oh yeah ...

Alright. Game on.

Fourteen for Fall is back with the help of Butterscotch Pumpkin Brownies:


I made these this past Saturday while Hubby was studying for his upcoming A+ exam (which he passed with flying colors today, I might add!). Super easy and fun is what I'm saying ...

Mix up everything. Well, sorta. Mix up everything for the batter. Then I made an intuitive change: no butterscotch topping. Yep. That's right - I left out the butterscotch topping entirely.

And I'm pretty sure that is why we liked them so very much. The butterscotch chips were just enough flavor on top of the pumpkin and chocolate to accent yet not overtake.

My husband was thoroughly impressed, and I'll say this: he's pretty picky when it comes to dessert. It's gotta be worth it to eat the calories, you know?!

These were worth it. Sis, make 'em again with a working oven :) I think you'll like them alot. And to my Mom I stage a question: what would YOU change?! You're the queen of all things baked and cooked, and where Tricia and I learned our love of the kitchen. Do tell - what do you think?!

To life - full of brownies of all shapes, sizes, and gooey-ness. (Just not ME in all shapes, sizes, and gooey-ness! *wink*)