23 January 2011

I'll have some more, please! Snow on the Mountain, that is :)

It was quite an experience making this 'Snow'!

There were several steps (a bit time-consuming) as well as several times when I was thinking, "I don't know that this is going to be a hit." But I pressed on ...

First, the cake batter you begin with looks less like cake batter and more like homemade ice cream batter prior to freezing. But, I baked it for the 25 minutes the recipe recommends and then let it cool.

The second step is to cut up bananas and oranges into bite-size pieces - Aubry loved helping with this part. Using a sharp knife at age 7 carries significant steps up the ladder of maturity, you know ;)

Next, you are supposed to break the cooled cake into pieces. This was one of the junctures at which I encountered doubt. The reason being the cake was not completely done in the middle! Crazily so, because a toothpick inserted into the hot cake was clean. And now the cooled cake was a bit gooey?!?!?!?! But, again, I pressed on. Literally. I combined the cake goo/pieces with the fruit and pressed it the bottom-half of a bowl to chill in the fridge for 2 hours.

Post-chill, the cake is turned upside-down on a platter and looks like this:

Then, you whip heavy cream with confectioner's sugar and vanilla extract. Wha-lah: snow!

Two hours later, Hubby and I enjoyed a piece with a glass of wine. It is very tasty! Actually, I completely recommend you try it, especially if you are a fruit-lover!

To snow! The edible kind :)