20 January 2011

Snow on the Mountain

We just had 9" of snow fall on us in Kansas City!

This makes it an ever-so appropriate time to choose my January recipe-of-the-month. My sister, my mom, and I are continuing our baking together concept of Fall 2010 with a twist: we choose a theme for the month, each choose a different recipe to make, and then share our thoughts about! January's theme: snow.

My pick? http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Snow-on-the-Mountain/Detail.aspx

It's a fruit-filled cake with whipped cream frosting! I'm excited to share how it turns out. Anyone is welcome to join us! Just let us know when you do and what you thought of your recipe :)

Also, stay-tuned for my next installment about "Loving Our Kids On Purpose" by Danny Silk. It's continuing to be a great read!