11 October 2010

FFF, Week 3!

This week brought about Pumpkin Scones to our Fantastic Fourteen for Fall foray :)

I choose this recipe to bake with my sister and Mom this week:

Why?! I wanted to try my hand at scones again - I only remember baking them one other time - and I also love baking with pumpkin. Saturday evening I donned my bridal shower apron, turned on The Decemberists, poured a glass of wine, and began putting together the dough. I put it together exactly as it stated and found the dough easy to work with and pliable. I ended up cutting it into 16 triangles simply because I didn't want the scones to be quite as big (less calories per serving that way!). I baked them on stoneware for 15mins and they turned out perfectly done. My husband got home from work while they were baking and commented how good they smelled - always a good sign :)

The glazes were ultimately easy to stir together. I'm always heavy on the cinnamon in recipes and wasn't sorry again for this recipe. I let the scones cool for about 30 mins and then painted on the plain glaze with a brush, quickly followed by a drizzling of the spice glaze. Hubby and I couldn't resist having one with the rest of the wine - a delicious way to end the day. They got the ultimate compliment from him, a scone-skeptic: they're sweet and don't taste like flour!

The next day, we shared the scones with friends who invited us over for brunch. They made a delicious compliment to steak, eggs, hash browns, and biscuits with gravy; a sweet side to a salty brunch. I do believe the pumpkin was the key ingredient responsible for these compliments!

Today, the children were home to have a taste. Lauryl's comment: "If I were a pumpkin, I would give it 8 thumbs up!" I think that means she liked the pumpkin part too :) Aubry and Brendan enthused with words like awesome, spectacular, and great.

I do believe it was a hit all around! Up next: Indian Corn Stew and Quick Cheese Bread, chosen by my creative, amazing sister :)

Stay tuned: more deliciosity coming your way this week!