02 February 2013

Animals and Plants

Know what has excited me most the past two weeks?! Making my own mayonnaise ... thank you Melissa Joulwan! Paleo Chicken Nuggets ... Finding a Paleo Ranch Dressing recipe ... Paleo Zucchini Bread ... Catching the theme?! :) I'm seriously enjoying this food journey. I must give a shout out to the amazing recipe books, "Eat Like a Dinosaur" and "Well Fed". I've focused myself on these two books, just so I don't get overwhelmed in choosing recipes for my family. But, I'm excited about getting into http://paleomg.com/ - I ran across an amazing recipe there a couple weeks ago, Avocado Chicken Enchiladas. Haven't tried it yet but stayed tuned ... For now, I thought I would share my Feb menus. I spend an hour+, each month choosing recipes ahead of time in hopes of one, saving money and my sanity, and two, helping my kids love Paleo cooking with me :) Enjoy!