21 February 2013

Today was a snow day.
So is tomorrow :)
We're working our way towards a foot apparently ...

The good thing about these days is that I get down-time. Down-time for me includes spring-cleaning/rearranging our master bedroom - yes, I actually get enjoyment out of this. Down-time also included my husband today! He had a snow day from work too so he graciously helped with the deep-clean; then we got out the Jeep and played in the snowy streets! So much fun to drive around [easily] - see the world as it comes to a near halt. So peaceful. We were able to help some who were stuck on slick streets or in big drifts. The world is both great and humbling in these moments.

Of course, food is a fun part of these days. I decided we would try to make our own tortillas for Shrimp Quesadillas. I borrowed the recipe from the Pork Avocado Enchiladas from a week or so back and voila! - one of our favorite foods is back in the house :) Of course, it's not entirely Paleo (that darn yummy cheese) but I'm pretty sure it'll become a once-a-week-er recipe around here. Life on the 80/20 keeps us cheery, for sure!