23 March 2013

The Orange-Apricot Scones?! A.maz.ing. So light; mild sweetness; especially good slightly warm and with a fork :) Hubby-approved!

Today, I dove deeper into Elana Amsterdam's lovely cookbook, "The Gluten-Free, Almond Flour Cookbook". I made her Chocolate Cake and the Shrimp Fritters. Pictures posted here :)

Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Frosting: definitely need to use a larger cake pan (it spilled over a bit during baking) but has super-delicious, light texture & flavor. The Marshmallow Frosting was fun to try as well. I made it with honey and egg whites - yes, only 2 ingredients! - although I would like to try it next time as the original recipe indicates: agave and egg whites.

Shrimp Fritters: a lovely change in palette - light and super-tasty on a leaf of romaine! We tried it with salsa and soy sauce on the side; both good - sweet chili sauce would also be nice :)

For inspiration or a link to the cookbook itself: www.elanaspantry.com