25 May 2010

buck up

Good night.

Well, almost.

It's about time to call it a day. But I did want to note the discovery I made about self today. I am selfish.

Now I know that's no Nobel Prize winning discovery. And if you think that's the first time I realized it, you'd be wrong. This I have known for many, many years. Today, I remembered. I remembered it not in a self-condemnation sort-of way. No. I'm past that point in my journey. I remembered it in a healthy way. A way that says, buck up, Teresa. Keep moving. Work hard. Play hard. Laugh loudest. Especially when no one else is. Especially when everyone else is. Especially, always.

"He must become greater. I must become less." John 3:30

Every time: it's a 2X4. Remind me every day if need be, Lord.

Good night.