24 May 2010

The yet-to-be

Today was h.o.t. Correction: it's s.t.i.l.l. hot. I love how MO reminds me I'm still here: cold to hot in nothin' flat. This coming off of a beautiful, non-humidified stay in Breck, CO. How I do love thee, mountainous air and quiet, unexplored parishes of land.

Which leads me to think: if there is still completely unexplored territory in our world like the tributaries of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia or the high ice desert of Greenland, then what are my unexplored tributaries and deserts? What amazing discovery/ies might trusting my strengths lead to in this journey?

Passion. Self-respect. Confidence. Resolve. Faith. All these will lead to my yet-to-be discovered places.