23 May 2010

Strong Moments

"Your strengths are a multiplier." -- Marcus Buckingham, "Find Your Strongest Life"

This is my current read. Oh boy, do I have seed-thoughts growing out of this! I have taken notes on note cards, post-its - even made a binder to track positives and negatives in all areas of my life. Work, marriage, faith, kids - you name it, I'm thinking about it.

So, today I read this quote and I wondered about what exactly I am multiplying. I know I feel best at work when I am advising and consulting. My strong moments with my husband include training/running together, making goals and commitments and keeping each other accountable to them, and dreaming together. My strengths with my children are expanding their vision and playing hard together.

I want my full attention to be on these strong moments. I want to be able to tilt my world so that I am unbalanced: more moments of strength than moments of weakness. Next step: define my weaknesses.